Surviving a Startup Dry Spell: 3 Ways to Overcome it

When entrepreneurs are getting ready to dive into a new business endeavor, there is always that initial fear and concern…

Surviving a Startup Dry Spell: 3 Ways to Overcome it

When entrepreneurs are getting ready to dive into a new business endeavor, there is always that initial fear and concern that comes along with it, because people are concerned that they will not be able to make it or that they will not be able to survive that first initial period of time right after starting a business where there is that dreaded “dry spell.”

The dry spell is that startup time where you have started the business, but nothing really seems to be happening. Let’s take a look at some statistics on this. Although we can see that no less than 558,000 new companies formed in the year 2006, (more than half a million in one year), only a meager 414,000 businesses launched in the year 2015, according to the most recent U.S. Census Bureau data that we have to study. We can see that fewer businesses are starting every year, and a lot of that is probably because people are sincerely worried about the slump and that dry spell that they might have to face down.

What we are noticing is that huge conglomerates like Facebook, Amazon, Google, and other huge companies are such that people are having a hard time pushing out of obscurity and getting free and clear from that dreaded “dry spell.”

Startup Business

Trying to figure out how to survive the business startups doldrums? Need startup ideas for business to get things going right at your own business? Here are three ideas that should help you to survive your own dry spell:

  • Be clever money-wise. Find ways to save money while in your dry months. Use Amazon Prime Business and get your office furniture on rewards points from corporate credit cards. Use Sam’s Club for your basic office expenses. These and many others are great ways to save money, and saving money while in business is the best way by far to make it go right in business.
  • Hire locally. It’s cheaper to hire locally than it is to hire someone who will have to relocate to come and work for you. Be very diligent and wise in your hiring process and try to find someone who is close and nearby to you, as it will save you money in the long run and in a big way too.
  • Listen to your employees, and always be on the lookout for great ideas that can boost your business in some way. These will be the game changers for you, and you need to be mindful and watchful for a great opportunity that can help pull you out of the slump of being in a position where you are facing a dry spell.
  • Another point here, a bonus point really, (we promised three points and are delivering four) is to absolutely work your absolute hardest during that dry spell. If there was ever a time to be totally committed to growing and booming your business, a time period of a dry spell is definitely it. A lot of businesses fail simply because their owners were not committed enough to the goal and the ideal, so getting into a business startup with a focused and direct approach is what will ultimately be ideal for pushing that business through the market resistance and into a position of success and omnipresence.

Committing to a Business

Commitment is the keynote of any business. It really is. The truth is that starting and running a business is a lot easier if you are very committed and dedicated to whatever business idea you might have, and if you are committed and dedicated to whatever goal you are pushing for.

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