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Per Wickstrom Support

In an effort to further spread the benefits of a holistic, drug-free lifestyle and holistic rehabilitation treatment, Per Wickstrom often participates in a variety of events with other individuals and organizations to speak out about the benefits of healthy living, the ravages of addiction and the process of full recovery. There are many different groups and individuals that support these core principles, and therefore also support Per Wickstrom and Best Drug Rehabilitation in their efforts to bring about a healthier world, and by supporting them in turn, Per’s message can be spread even farther.

Per Wickstrom Contributions

Some of the individuals, organizations, and events that have been supported by Per Wickstrom or have supported Per in his efforts include:

  • new-york-fashion-week
    New York Fashion Week. This annual event routinely hosts a variety of organizations and celebrities who wish to share information about healthy living and choices and raise public awareness and understanding of unhealthy conditions that may exist around them.
  • Erickson Beamon
    Karen Erickson of Erickson Beamon. This highly acclaimed jewelry designer personally believes that many individuals simply need better education to understand why healthy living is important, and how they can cope with the difficulties in their life that often lead toward drug use, abuse and addiction problems.
  • condifiend
    Candifiend. This daily magazine discusses issues like design, art, fashion, photography, lifestyles and typography, and takes the time to explore the benefits of healthy living and holistic services, including holistic rehabilitation treatment services.
  • Cygalle Healing Spa
    Cygalle Healing Spa. This holistic healing spa in New York provides a completely natural, organic, steroid and chemical-free skincare line. Cygalle herself believes that a holistic lifestyle will allow the individual to experience higher energy levels, better physical strength, and a clear mind, and she supports efforts to help more individuals embrace this wonderful lifestyle.
  • Kendall Schmidt
    Kendall Schmidt. This actor, singer/songwriter, dancer, and music producer supports any effort that helps improve the lives and health of children. He recognizes the dangers that drug substances pose to children of today and that understanding these problems and taking preventative measures can help preserve a better quality of life for the generations of tomorrow.
  • Pacha’s Pajamas
    Pacha’s Pajamas. Pacha’s Pajamas is a children’s musical that explains the importance of taking care of our world, which includes taking care of ourselves. Children explore music and art through this wonderful musical, and David and Arron, the show’s creators and directors, have themselves seen the positive effects of handing a children something simple that they can relate to like a paint brush or a musical instrument. The power these simple objects have to transform lives is nothing short of amazing, and helps one to understand the value of inspiring creative direction in the minds of young children.
  • Imagination Heals
    Imagination Heals. This initiative was organized to bring music and art to the children who need it most, and in so doing can help keep these children off the streets and off of drugs. As Per points out, “We are only as good as our kids. So we’re here to help the kids.” Being able to freely express one’s emotions through art and music can help individuals cope with the sometimes more challenging aspects of their life that can otherwise push them into drug use patterns.
  • salutetoheros
    Salute to Detroit Hometown Heroes. Per took the opportunity to speak with individuals at this important event about the problems that youth face today, and that perhaps youth didn’t have to face twenty-five years ago. He points out to other supporters that the youth of today are tomorrow’s heroes, but they cannot actually be heroes at all if they are struggling with drug abuse and addiction problems. It then becomes the job of today’s heroes to help empower and encourage our youth to live a healthy lifestyle that is free from drugs and alcohol.
  • Mack Alive Foundation.
    Mack Alive Foundation. This nonprofit foundation works to help neighborhoods on the east side of Detroit that are in bad need of revitalization. As part of these efforts, the Mack Alive Foundation seeks to create a safer environment for neighborhood residents, which includes address and handling the problems of drug abuse and addiction. Artina Hardman, the executive director of Mack Alive, agrees that educating today’s youth about the dangers and consequences of drug and alcohol use and abuse is instrumental in creating a healthier, safer tomorrow.
  • Cory Schlesinger
    Cory Schlesinger. This former Detroit Lions hero admits that cell phones, credit cards, cars and money have created a numbing effect that keeps people from interacting personally and effectively, which has led to a weakened family structure and perhaps more drug use problems. Kids who aren’t fully responsible for their life and who aren’t encouraged to be more responsible by their parents may turn to drugs in order to deal with the pressures they face in life. Cory believes that parents who spend more quality time with their children and explain the dangers of drugs and alcohol to their children may be able to help turn around the dangerous trend of drug abuse and addiction that is currently destroying the lives of American youths.
  • Dan Miller
    Dan Miller. Sportscaster Dan Miller points out that kids of today are bombarded with things that keep them from interacting with others and they may turn to addictive substances in order to fill the void they feel this leaves in their life. He suggests that more communication and quality time together, as well as setting good examples, can bring parents closer to together with their children and help reduce or stop these problems from occurring.
  • Randy Richardville
    Randy Richardville. Senate majority leader for the state of Michigan Randy Richardville openly admits that he believes the root of drug abuse and addiction problems lies in one’s family life. He feels that a good family life, open communication and an understanding of drugs and the harm they can cause can help bring about abstinence and healthier, happier lives.
  • April Demers
    April Demurs of the Monroe County Substance Abuse Coalition. This important group has a goal to reduce the epidemic of drug addiction in their community, while simultaneously working to prevent drug use from occurring through effective education techniques. April points out that there is an urgent need for plentiful effective rehabilitation treatment options in the community so that residents are able to get the help they need to overcome these difficult and destructive problems.
  • fivecap.inc
    Food Drive and Pig Roast for FiveCap, Inc. Community Action Agency. FiveCap works hard to bring social and economic independence to the poor, which is a perfect opportunity to discuss the truth about drug substances and their damaging effects on an individual’s health, relationships and life. By supporting this organization, Per has been able to further promote the benefits of an individual improving their physical, mental and spiritual strength for a healthy, happy and productive future.
  • Amer-i-can.org
    Jim Brown at the Amer-I-Can Foundation. This foundation was established for the purpose of helping troubled kids realize they can achieve their full potential if they stick to their goals and don’t get lost along the way. It also provides the support and guidance most troubled kids need in order to successfully navigate the difficult waters of life. Jim agrees with Per that there is nothing more important than our youth, and a positive outlook on life as well as holistic values can help an individual develop the self-esteem and self-respect that can aid them in remaining drug-free and dedicated to a successful future.
  • Jared Blake
    Jared Blake. Jared is a singer/songwriter who has himself experienced the difficulties of drug abuse and addiction problems. While he fell in love with music when he was only five years old, he ended up falling into the trap of drug addiction at an early age and attended rehabilitation treatment when he was twenty-six. He struggled with the idea of truly quitting and was unable to successfully complete his treatment at that time. However, his doctor told him that if he didn’t quit, he probably wouldn’t live past twenty-eight. Jared wisely took this advice and returned to rehab, fighting for and winning his sobriety. Like Per, Jared is passionate about spreading the truth about drugs and helping individuals achieve sobriety. In a moving show of support for Per’s life work, Jared even performed for the staff and clients of the Best Drug Rehabilitation facility to help bring hope and joy to the clients in recovery.
  • The National Cherry Festival
    The National Cherry Festival. Held in Grand Traverse Bay, the National Cherry Festival was sponsored in part by Per Wickstrom who helped in getting the popular band Collective Soul to perform. The festival allowed Per to reach out to the youth of many communities and spread the positive message that there are safe, healthy and fun entertainment options that don’t include drugs and alcohol.
  • Elk Rapids Baseball
    Elk Rapids Baseball. One of Per’s firm beliefs is that if in addition to educating youth about the dangers of drugs and alcohol, one also supports youth in finding healthier activities to participate in, they will be less likely to turn to drugs or alcohol in the future. To that end, Per happily helped to support an exhibition baseball game in Elk Rapids that helped raised money for the local high school sports program.
  • Celebrate Recovery Walk
    Celebrate Recovery Walk. It is Per’s heartfelt belief that community events can help bring greater awareness to the problems of drug abuse and addiction. In the Celebrate Recovery Walk, both recovered addicts as well as those still in recovery treatment, walked through Grand Rapids while carrying signs that inspired hope, like “Treatment is Effective” and “Recovery Matters”. This wonderful event helped to shed more light on the truth about drugs, as well as effective rehabilitation treatment.
This sampling of support and the volunteer work that has been given by and to Per is only the beginning. As Per Wickstrom continues his important work, more and more individuals and organizations step forward to support the goal of creating a healthier, happier, drug-free world.