Per Wickstrom Purpose

Per Wickstrom Purpose

Success can be viewed quite differently by different individuals. For some individuals, success may be loosely defined as having endless wealth and possessions and very few problems, but this absolute is hardly obtainable, and certainly, cannot be reached without first reaching prior stages of growing success. Other individuals may define success as being able to achieve a helpful, satisfying purpose in their life, while also overcoming obstacles that crop up along the way. In truth, success can be whatever the individual chooses to make it.

Normal life can be filled with ups and downs, challenges and rewards, good times and bad. Most people seem to understand this, but the fact is that sometimes when things are particularly tough, it can be very difficult to figure out how to cope with life. People can make mistakes, get lost, perhaps even forget their dreams, but this doesn’t mean that they are helpless or doomed to permanently lead an unsuccessful future. In fact, all it takes is a basic purpose and the willingness to take one step forward at a time for an individual to overcome both their past mistakes as well as their future challenges and build the successful, respectable and healthy life they’ve always wanted. I should know – because that is exactly what I have done. After twenty-two years of struggling with a drug addiction that literally controlled my entire life, I have not only been able to overcome this problem and start a new life, I have been able to help thousands of others do the same as the founder and CEO of the largest holistic rehabilitation treatment center in the United States.

Per Wickstrom Life Story

When I was fourteen years old, my girlfriend broke up with me in order to begin dating one of my best friends. While this may seem like one of the normal hurdles a teenager has to work through, it was completely overwhelming to experience at the time. I was so completely overcome with grief that I began looking for comfort anywhere I could find it. Unfortunately, I found beer. What few individuals understand about drugs is that they cannot actually solve any of the problems for which they are taken – they simply suppress the symptoms of these problems. However, by suppressing undesirable symptoms and stimulating desirable sensations, drug use can provide the individual with some measure of relief that makes them feel that drugs are helpful them in some way. Rather than facing and handling my problems, I had learned how to run away and hide from them with alcohol. Eventually, beer led to the use of vodka, which then led to the use of cocaine. Drug substances became the way I escaped from any problem I had in life with my family, my friends, my relationships and even my money.

I continued to suffer from extensive drug addiction problems for over twenty years. Even working through programs at four different rehabilitation treatment centers failed to help me successfully and permanently take back control of my life. Finally, at the age of thirty-eight, I hit rock bottom: I could no longer play the sports I loved, I could no longer enjoy watching the sports I loved and I could no longer hang out with my friends because drugs had completely destroyed my life. I decided that I was ready to fight for my sobriety, no matter what it took. Luckily, I found out about Narconon – the amazing rehabilitation treatment center that entirely changed my life.

Per Wickstrom Success

I have no doubt that Narconon saved my life. I was finally able to fully and completely end my problems with drug addiction by addressing and resolving each and every cause and effect of my drug use. I also gained the skills and abilities I need to overcome obstacles and difficulties that arise in my future, instead of running away or hiding from them. By the time I had graduated from the treatment program I knew I had to make a choice about my life and my career. I could go back to selling cars, which I had been very good at, or I could dedicate my life to helping others in some way. My own second chance at life inspired me to devote my life to helping others save theirs from addiction. I worked hard and opened up my own Narconon center, and over the course of several years, I was able to help save more than six thousand individuals from the terrible abyss of drug abuse and addiction. I felt wonderful – like I was actually making a very real difference in the world and helping individuals in ways they would forever benefit from.

During the time that I ran my rehabilitation treatment center I studied and researched rehabilitation treatment, digging deeply into which treatment techniques and methods were proven to be highly effective and which treatment techniques and methods were clearly not effective. I dedicated myself to my research, and over time I had developed my own unique rehabilitation treatment course that was different from any other rehabilitation treatment curriculum offered in the industry. I designed a holistic rehabilitation treatment curriculum that employed a variety of different treatment methods and techniques so that recovering individuals could customize their rehabilitation treatment program in order to meet their own specific needs and desires. It is my deeply held belief that while an individual definitely needs help and support from others in order to overcome their drug abuse and addiction problems, it was their own choice to turn to drug use in the first place and it must be their own choice to achieve sobriety and recover control of their life. By having control over the specifics of their recovery path and program the individual is empowered to make the choices they need to in order to successfully and fully recover.

Inspired by my purpose to help others, I took out a loan from the bank and started my own rehabilitation treatment facility that followed my own, unique curriculum. Five years later I am proud to say that I now run the largest holistic rehabilitation treatment center in the United States, helping thousands of individuals every year to overcome their problems with drug abuse and addiction and establish the firm foundation for a healthy, happy and productive future.

Along the Way

My journey to success has been much like my journey to full recovery – neither quick nor easy. However, I have learned two key lessons along the way that have helped me stick to my purpose and reach my goals.

Lesson #1: You have to reach for your own goals – because no one is going to achieve your goals for you.

If you desire something great, you cannot simply wait for it to be handed to you. Whatever your goals or dreams in life, you will have to pursue them yourself in order to achieve them. In my own case, I honestly believe that my successful recovery from drug addiction occurred because I made the personal commitment to help myself and become sober. There is no doubt that I needed support, encouragement and the proper treatment and tools, but the bottom line is that I had to desire freedom from drugs and dedicate myself to taking back my life in order to do so successfully. My rehabilitation treatment centers have grown and flourished because of the same principle – I have worked hard to help others take back control of their lives instead of simply hoping they’ll walk into my facilities and magically be healed.

Lesson #2: Use your strengths and experience.

Perhaps you aren’t a computer whiz or a born stockbroker, but this doesn’t mean you cannot be successful. Instead of trying something new in the hopes it will lead to success, use your personal strengths and experience to determine your path to success. In my case, I had suffered through twenty years of drug addiction, and early in my career, I had been one of the top salespeople for GM. I combined my strengths in sales with my experience in overcoming drug addiction and started my own, unique rehabilitation treatment center where I had to sell people on why my curriculum would give them a better chance at beating their addiction problems. Recognize that first and foremost, the fact that you persisted and disciplined yourself to overcome something as big as drug addiction proves that you have great strength and experience to apply to your future.

Again, there is no arguing the fact that life can often be challenging and difficult. However, that does not mean that one cannot succeed in establishing a happy, productive and satisfying life. After more than two decades of struggling with overpowering drug addiction problems, I am now healthy and happy, and successfully helping thousands of others overcome these same problems. I’m living proof that you absolutely can overcome obstacles in life, establish a strong purpose, and make a positive impact on society, and I encourage you to reach out and do the same.