Per Wickstrom of Best Drug Rehabilitation Donates to Local Baseball Team

Per Wickstrom is the founder and CEO of the Best Drug Rehabilitation treatment center, a holistic rehabilitation center that works to empower individuals to take back control of their lives and lay the foundations necessary for healthier, happier futures. Best Drug Rehabilitation believes that while effective drug rehabilitation is critical to solving the problems of drug abuse and addiction that currently plague our nation, effective drug education can also prevent these problems from occurring. It is through community support events that Best Drug Rehabilitation can reach out to and educate kids in the dangers of drug use, as well as the vital importance of remaining engaged in an active lifestyle in order to stay healthy and happy.

On August 7th, 2014, Wickstrom and Best Drug Rehabilitation showed their support at a community exhibition baseball game held to benefit the Elk Rapids High School Baseball team. With former Detroit Lion player Herman Moore by his side, Wickstrom presented a one thousand dollar donation to the Elk Rapids High School Baseball team. This money will help the team refurbish their baseball field and dugouts, which were badly damaged by the ice and snow of an extremely harsh winter. The team’s goal was to raise two thousand dollars total, and the donation from Wickstrom and Best Drug Rehabilitation helped them to not only meet but actually surpass this goal. Wickstrom himself once played at this very field in Elk Rapids, and with his own pleasant memories of playing baseball he felt it extremely important to help restore the field for current players.

Through their support of community events like these, Wickstrom and Best Drug Rehabilitation try to help strengthen lives, families and communities so that they are better able to prevent and overcome the drug abuse and addiction problems that destroy these very lives, families and communities. These events can bring together youth, parents, outreach groups and businesses who make a huge difference in solving problems and raising general awareness. Wickstrom also pointed out that these events can serve as a wonderful venue to help educate kids in the truth about drugs and their many damaging effects, which can help them make great progress in handling the problems of drug abuse and addiction. More importantly, these events support the types of activities that keep kids busy and physically active, which keeps them out of trouble and removes the temptation to experiment with drugs in the first place.


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