How to Take Time Off This Holiday Season Without Hurting Your Business Goals

The holidays can be a very enjoyable time of the year, but they can also be a stressful time of the year too.  There is a lot of pressure during the holiday season to engage in a fair amount of family, quality time together with your loved ones, and coincidentally this is also a time of the year when work can get very busy too.  Prospective companies are trying to finish out the year with a bang, so businessmen and women alike tend to feel the extra weight of multiple responsibilities this time of year.

How does one rise above it all and still manage to have a happy and fulfilling holiday season, not only in one’s business life but also in one’s family life too?  It may seem challenging and it certainly is, but it’s not impossible.  One has to be able to juggle both, but the key important factor is having a diligence and an insistence on being able to do both, and an unwillingness to sacrifice one or the other.

Tips for Doing Your Best in the Holiday Season

There are a few tricks that the big hitter businessmen and women use during the holiday season to be able to do well in their businesses and still be able to succeed in affluence in their home lives too.  Some of these are:

  1. Commit yourself to a stress-free, well-balanced life year round.  The holidays are a lot easier if you already have established a good work-life balance and are capable of doing well in your business life and your family life both.  If you stumble or falter during other times of the year, then the holidays will be that much more difficult for you.  Establish a good work life balance prior to the holidays or immediately after, and the holiday season won’t be so tough.
  2. Prioritize your days and set goals, then adhere to them.  A simple weekday in December can be pretty hectic.  You might need to work an eight hour day, commute, do some Christmas shopping, and have a family dinner all in one day.  When you start the day, immediately set goals for yourself of exactly what you are going to accomplish and exactly what you are going to put forth as plans for that day.  Then adhere to them.  While you are at work, dedicate yourself to making your work goals.  While you are at home, dedicate yourself to your family and your time together.
  3. Stand by your commitment to your family and the holidays.  If you need to take a couple days off for a familial obligation this holiday season then make it happen.  A lot of bosses might not like that, but this time of the year is sacred for family time, and bosses can be made to see that.  If you are in charge of your own business or sector, recognize that this is the one time of the year that is a must for taking a step back from your work environment and for focusing your time on your family.
  4. Make every minute count.  This is not a time of the year to be lazy.  Rather than watching TV or movies at night or sitting around, ensure that you are spending every waking minute either doing something work-related or something family-related.  In this way, you are quite literally using up every possible minute of the day between your business life and your home life.
  5. Focus more on what you do in your individual hours, not how many hours you spend on any one thing.  Make your work hours count.  Really dedicate yourself to your work and make miracles happen during the holidays without having to put in extra time.  Then, when you are with your family really cherish your time with them and make it count as opposed to simply putting in hours with them.

These tips are the ones that the truly successful individuals follow.  Being successful doesn’t just mean having a good career.  It also means having a great family life.  Do these, and you’ll win.

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