How to Overcome Doubt and Become a Better Salesman


Perhaps the greatest hang up point for the American salesman is himself.  More specifically, a salesman’s greatest enemy is his own doubt, his own ability to close a deal, and his own insecurities about sales and about simply being a salesperson.  It can be a tough game, there is no doubting that.  It’s always been a difficult skill to fully grasp.  However, that does not mean that one cannot easily grasp it and become a very successful and affluent salesperson.

I’d like to see the sales administration and the sales game of the U.S. in general improve.  I know that salesmen and women alike are all capable of succeeding and having affluent and successful careers in sales, and I would love to see that occur.  Sales might be tough, but the human spirit is tougher, and the benefits that come from being a successful salesperson are there to be had.  It can be a very lucrative career, and I can tell you right now that anyone who wants to become a salesman or woman can do just that.  It is not a skill that you are just, “born with.”

I’ve gone over the sales industry time and time again and have been in it myself for a really long time.  I have worked in businesses in their sales departments, I have managed the sales department in many businesses, and I have worked closely with the sales departments in the businesses that I have owned and that I own currently.

I’ve put together a few tricks and techniques to use in the sales industry that one can take advantage of to be a better salesman.  Doubt being the worst pitfall for a salesperson, these suggestions are designed to tackle doubt head on:

  • Learn to take “No” for an answer.  So many salesmen and women are terrified of hearing no. That makes sense and I respect that.  Who wants to be told no?  Who wants that kind of rejection?  Certainly not me, and I can’t think of any salesperson who actually likes to hear the word, “No.” Not a common thing to enjoy hearing by any means at all.  However, you can’t reject it, and you can’t ignore it.  Learn to accept a no.  Try again with the person.  Try a few more times.  Keep trying.  If it’s still a, “No” then move on.  Try someone else.  There are millions of people on the planet that can benefit from your product or service, so there is no need to get hung up on a couple of no’s.
  • Love and have faith in your product.  This is the first rule of sales by all means.  It is the first thing you need to know about getting rid of doubt too.  A large degree of doubt comes from a person’s own security about the product or service that they are selling.  Know your product, love your product, feel strongly about your product, and you will never feel doubtful about it, and you will be able to sell it better.
  • Don’t sell a person, service a person.  People have become so turned off of the “sales game.”  No one likes being “sold,” which is understandable.  No one likes to have a sale practically forced upon them, and no one likes being put in a situation where they feel obligated to buy something, or where they regret having bought something.  Service the person.  Actually help them.  If you abolish the idea that you are “trying to force a sale” and instead adopt an idea that you are trying to help the person, then your doubt will slip away.

These are just three of the top ways that I have found that the best sales people out there address their doubts.  I know for a fact that there are others.  Take these three to heart and use them, and may you never be the same salesperson again!

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