How to Create a Sense of Community in the Workplace

A workplace, no matter how big or how small needs to be a functioning unit and a group effort.  Whether the workplace is a department store or warehouse with over eighty employees, or a small storefront or shop with just half a dozen workers, the environment still needs to radiate a sense of awareness for each other and for the overall goal of making the business successful and pleasant.  The workplace needs to effectively deliver the idea that everyone there is in this together, and that those who work there have to operate on a group dynamic.

Long outdated is the concept that one should just go to work and keep to themselves.  “Just do your job and don’t get in the way and don’t get noticed,” is really more of a mechanism based in fear or anxiety.  It is also highly unworkable.  The true goal here needs to be the creation of a workplace where everyone truly does work together and where everyone comes together as a group, regardless of their positions or job titles, and makes a concerted effort to really stand out.  Everyone at the workplace needs to work together to go the extra mile for the benefit of the company and the aims and goals of the company need to be worked at by everyone in the company.

Establishing Community

I’ve seen that a community-driven workplace is the best kind of workplace, and it is always these types of workplaces that have the highest successes and the best wins and victories.  They make their targets the most, they grow their businesses the fastest, and they reward their employees the most often.

Here are some tips to building community in a workplace:

1. Use employees input to help shape the future of the company.  Listen to everyone.  Building a community effort means letting everyone’s voice be heard.

2. Ensure that all employees need to follow the rules, regardless of position.  Try to eliminate the idea of, “higher than thou”, in the workplace.

3. Encourage diversity, and make sure that you really broaden your view when hiring and take on individuals from all different walks of life, backgrounds, locations, and personalities.

4. Really stress the importance of positivity.  This is probably the most important point.  When there is positivity in a workplace then that workplace is bound to be a lot more beneficial and a lot more conducive to success and community.

5. Stand against counter productivity and get it out as soon as it gets in.  Don’t make excuses or ignore people being lazy or goofing off.  Really make sure that everyone is working and working hard.

These are the keys to building community in the workplace.  If they are followed then everyone, including the business itself will have a better time of it and be more successful in the long run.

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