Goal Setting at Work: How it Can Help You Stay Sober During the Holidays

When the holidays come around, a lot of us who are in recovery have to work extra hard to make…

Goal Setting at Work: How it Can Help You Stay Sober During the Holidays

When the holidays come around, a lot of us who are in recovery have to work extra hard to make sure we do not suffer from a relapse back to old habits. This can often be the hardest time of the year for those of us in recovery. Staying sober while recovering from addiction while plopped right into the middle of holiday parties, stress, spending, family drama, heightened emotions, overindulgence in food and shopping, well this right here is a real challenge.

Staying Sober

The first piece of advice for staying sober through the holidays is to be prepared for what is to come. You know there are going to be a lot of alcoholic beverages around, and you already know that people are going to be indulging in extensive eating and drinking and shopping. You already know all of these things are going to be occurring, so why not start preparing for them now? Read over your recovery books, study your notes that you may have kept from rehab, go over the reasons why you stay sober, and work on contingency plans should the possibility of a relapse present itself or should you start to feel like slipping up in your recovery.

You can prepare yes, and that is a good start indeed, but the next big approach needs to be that you work wholeheartedly on setting and achieving your goals. You need to sort of revisit your purpose lines in life in such a way that you can have even more motivation for sobriety, more incentive for abstinence, and more passion for your recovery. Believe it or not, revisiting your goals and setting more goals within your career makes all the difference in your ability to stay sober through the holidays.

A lot of people who are in recovery will use their careers as a safety net for preventing relapse. A lot of people in recovery will sort of take difficulty with addiction as a thing of the past, and something that they prevent from occurring again with intensive goal setting for their careers and their truest of passions.


As you may have guessed by now if you yourself are in recovery or you know someone who is, addiction recovery is a lifetime affair. This is not something that sort of just goes away after a definite period of time. Being in recovery and maintaining sobriety is a lifetime commitment, a path you must follow always, years and years even after you have completed addiction treatment.

The best way to stay sober and not relapse back onto addiction during the holidays is to set new goals and then adhere to them. Just keep pushing, keep shoving, and get your message out there. Strive to be the best that you can be, and never let up no matter how much adversity you are met with. If you set and work towards positive goals throughout the holiday season, then you will find great success in the future in the form of better rewards and an even better financial condition as a result of all of your efforts.

I strongly encourage you to work extra hard this holiday and to use your new-found goals as the fuel in your fire of abstinence from addiction. Let your new goals push you even further in work to work a little bit harder, to win a little more, and to really commit yourself to even bigger games for the future. When it all seems tough and unpleasant, let your goals push you forward. This holiday, fill your glass with goals instead of something else. You will make it.

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