Entrepreneurs: Why You Need to Choose Between Popularity and Success

A lot of people have the really very shocking misconception that you can’t at first be successful and make loads of cash and be popular at the same time.  It just doesn’t work that way, there is not enough time in the day for both, and the actions that need to be taken to get either one are very different from each other and can therefore not be done in tandem.  Realistically, you can’t actually chase after one of these dreams and expect the other to just follow along.  Truthfully, when you’re getting started as an entrepreneur, you have to decide for yourself if you are going to be successful or popular. Popularity and success are polar opposites, at least for the first few phases of your career as an entrepreneur.

You should always choose success first!  This is the foundation of any dedicated entrepreneur.  Always, always, always choose to be successful over being popular.  If you have an opportunity to spend your Saturday doing something that would increase your popularity as a person or your success as a businessperson, choose the one that will contribute to your overall success as an entrepreneur.

Ever hear about the wealthy, popular people who are just oh so popular but then they run out of money and are suddenly not popular anymore?  This is because they stopped focusing on their success and started to pay more attention to their popularity and to having fun and to enjoying the attention that they were getting.  In the course of being an entrepreneur, as a result of bringing new ideas to the table, and as an effect of being a successful businessman or woman, you might indeed be popular as all get-out, but if you’re not making any money at it, you’re only hurting yourself in the long run. Popularity is a luxury you can’t afford to chase no matter how cool you are, especially if you haven’t made any money yet at your project, because you’ll need income to sustain yourself while you do your work on it, and all of your free time should be consumed on that, not on being poplar.

Why Success is More Important than Popularity

Ask yourself, “What do I need right now to make my business (or business idea) more successful?”  My guess is that you answered with, “Money”, or something similar to it that equates to capital, cash, investments, returns, sales, income, fortune, or something along those lines.  Working on your success and on your business will make that money for you.  Working on your popularity will not.  You might look good to go socialize and rub noses with other business owners, but are you really a legitimate business owner if you are not adamantly taking care of your business when it needs you most?  One genius once said to me:

“Until you are successful, your focus needs to be on becoming successful.  Once you are successful, you need to keep focusing on being successful.  Once you’ve achieved the epitome of success, go ahead and keep focusing on being successful.  It’s not a permanent condition.  It can leave and be gone after all that work if you are not careful.”

The most successful entrepreneurs and businessmen and women become successful first, and the popularity just catches up with them without them doing anything about it.  This will happen for you too, but focus on your business first and on your popularity last, if at all.  Popularity will show up on its own.

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