Choices Recovery | Choices Recovery Video Review

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  1. Rachel July 22, 2015

    This is a pretty nice set up.
    I was not familiar how choice recovery actually looked. I can see that they want their patients to have a nice place to come off of drugs and have other things, such as music and exercise to help them create other habits and hobbies so that when they come off of the drug they are interested in other things, other than just going straight back to the drug.

    I do know the program that Per Wickstrom uses and I must say that it is good and works. Of course if someone goes there and doesn’t have the discipline and desire to go through what is necessary to get off of the drug, no rehabilitation center is going to work. .But if you do, this regimen is good and holistic, that means no drugs to get you off of your current ones, you don’t leave addicted to another drug. YOU LEAVE CLEAN and able to function in life.

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