Can Entrepreneurs End Poverty and Homelessness Among Addicts

When people become successful, one of the first things that they often do is they start to give back to…

Can Entrepreneurs End Poverty and Homelessness Among Addicts

When people become successful, one of the first things that they often do is they start to give back to the community and to offer a helping hand to those less fortunate. Wealthy and successful people alike offer a great deal of assistance and exceptional services to those who need the aide. Successful people contribute the most to charities, donate to fundraisers, and sponsor humanization causes the most by far. This is just the nature of men and women, to help others and to assist others when they themselves have taken care of their own selves.

We are pleased with the fact that such persons do this because it makes the goal of success and wealth even more appealing. Everyone wants to be successful and being successful and a philanthropist adds, even more, value to that goal. Really, while some of the masses and many of the lower class may believe rich and wealthy people to be the “elite” and to be miserly and cruel and unwilling to help others, it has been my experience to witness the exact opposite. In fact, I have never met a successful entrepreneur or a wealthy and successful man or woman who was not totally dedicated to helping others and to assisting others in finding their own way out of the morass. Every entrepreneur I have met had a big heart.


The American entrepreneur is such an interesting and almost mythical creature. There is a lot to be said for entrepreneur success, and the different types of entrepreneurs also deserve mention. But really, one of the greatest and perhaps most significant of qualities of an entrepreneur is their proclivity for giving back to the community and to their fellow mankind.

I would like to put out a call to arms if you will of entrepreneurs everywhere to get them to try to end the cruel hardship that is addiction in this country. Poverty, homelessness, starvation, serious immorality, all of these are very stable and relevant aspects and factors of addiction. Really, though not everyone knows it, drug and alcohol abuse and addiction is more often than not the deciding factor in all of the above negative scenarios.

Ending Poverty, Homelessness, and Starvation

One might ask, “But what about the young, eight-year-old kid who is impoverished and goes hungry but has never abused drugs or alcohol?” Well, my answer to that is you can bet that at least one of the family members or loved ones of that kid has been having a run in with drugs and alcohol, and that is the bold and simple truth of the matter.

Entrepreneurs, small business owners, CEOs and really anyone else who has achieved some success in their lives needs to put in the effort and do the work and really make an effort to help their fellow man who have not been able to really put their efforts in to the degree that they need to also achieve success for themselves. Helping others is one of the most fulfilling and heart lifting activities that one can possibly engage in, and is worth a person’s time and energy absolutely. For more information on this, we have many more blogs on this site about everyday entrepreneurs doing great things for many people every day. The message that I want to leave is one of responsibility, and one of really helping people to get the right idea and the right peace of mind with their heads fully on right in their efforts to help others. This is the best experience for one who has achieved success for themselves.

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