Per Wickstrom Biography

Per Wickstrom Bio

There is no doubt that drug abuse and addiction are complex problems that can thoroughly damage every aspect of an individual’s life, as well as the health and well-being of communities, societies and the world at large. But perhaps even worse than these horrific problems themselves is the apparent lack of available resources to effectively address and resolve these problems, or even prevent them from occurring in the first place. Per Wickstrom CEO and founder of Best Drug Rehabilitation, is seeking to change that.

Per Wickstrom understands the struggle that most individuals face when they encounter drug abuse and addiction problems, having struggled with these problems himself for over a decade. Through his own experiences, Per came to understand many things about drugs and rehabilitation that he seeks to share with others in an effort to help them also overcome their problems with these dangerous substances.

Through personal dedication and perseverance, Per has been able to realize his dream for helping others overcome their challenges with drug abuse and addiction problems by opening the Best Drug Rehabilitation treatment facility, which has already brought about lasting recovery for many thousands of clients. The foundation of Best Drug Rehabilitation’s success is the belief Per has in providing individuals with an understanding of drugs and their damaging effects, giving them a natural approach to treatment options, and empowering individuals to take back control of their own lives and futures. Some of the core principles used through the Best Drug Rehabilitation program include:

    • Understanding the basic nature of drugs. Drugs are chemical substances that are often taken to handle some physical, mental or emotional problem the individual has encountered in their life, but the truth is that they cannot address or resolve these problems. Instead, drugs interfere with normal body functions, thereby suppressing undesirable sensations and stimulating desirable sensations. The individual who believes drugs are helpful to them in some way will often continue to take drugs until they develop a tolerance for these substances. When this occurs, the individual no longer experiences the desirable effects of drug use and usually resolves this new problem by either taking higher doses or more potent drugs. Eventually, the body can grow to depend upon these substances in order to function normally and the individual no longer has any control over their drug use, effectively becoming trapped in compulsive drug use patterns despite all the damaging effects caused by these substances. The individual who is suffering from drug dependence problems may wish desperately to be free from their drug use but simply cannot do so on their own.


    • Physical detoxification is a critical step on the road to full recovery from drug use, abuse and addiction. What few individuals understand is that the effects of drugs can continue long after drug use has come to an end. In fact, residual drug toxins can be stored in the body for days, weeks, months and even years after drug use has stopped. When these toxins are released back into the bloodstream during moments of stress or physical activity, the individual can experience cravings that drive them to relapse back into drug use. A full physical detoxification program can help the individual not only smoothly withdraw from drug use, but also remove residual drug toxins from their body and help ensure a healthier, happier future.


    • An individual must uncover the root cause for their initial drug use in order to thoroughly resolve their drug use and prevent it from re-occurring again in the future. Imagine putting out a house fire and then returning to your normal routine without discovering what caused the fire. You may very well have another fire on your hands in the near future. Finding out the cause for one’s drug use and resolving that situation can be critical to one’s lasting recovery as it allows one to prepare against having the same situation occur again in the future.


    • In order to be successful, a rehabilitation treatment program must be tailored to each individual’s own personal needs. Telling an individual what their drug problems are, why they have these problems, and what they must do about these problems is not likely to lead to their successful and lasting recovery. It may be very true that the individual needs help, support and encouragement from others in order to overcome their drug problems, but the fact is that these problems originated from their own choices and decisions and therefore they are best resolved by their own choices and decisions. It follows, then, that a treatment program that addresses their own personal needs and helps them find their own unique path to full recovery is much more likely to lead to lasting success. Rehabilitation treatment centers that provide a variety of treatment services and amenities to their clients are better able to empower their clients to take back their own life and plan their future.


A successful rehabilitation treatment program helps individuals address all of the emotional, behavioral, spiritual and physical aspects of addiction. This means that an individual who participates in treatment not only overcomes his physical dependence upon drug substances, but he also learns how to cope with the challenges and difficulties of life, how to avoid and handle temptation when it arises, and how to grab life by the horns and succeed. Per personally believes very strongly in the healing and uplifting powers of both art and music, and has incorporated these activities into the therapy treatments available at Best Drug Rehabilitation with wonderful results. He appreciates the fact that while the individual benefits greatly from the help and support of professional rehabilitation treatment specialists and programs, they also instinctively understand what types of activities and therapies can help them not only recover, but remain stronger and healthier in the future. It usually only takes some simple education for an individual to recognize that their condition is not actually hopeless, and that they can not only achieve and maintain lasting sobriety, they can have the life they’ve always dreamed of but never imagined was actually possible. In effect, Per doesn’t simply want to help individuals achieve sobriety from drug use, he wants to help them develop the skills and abilities necessary to build a future worth living.

Per’s personal success in establishing a successful drug rehabilitation treatment facility also serves as another valuable lesson to Best Drug Rehabilitation patients, as well as anyone who seeks to improve their life. Per explains that in order to have success, he simply developed a purpose for his life and then set goals to help him achieve that purpose. Following his own successful rehabilitation from drug abuse and addiction problems, along with his supportive wife, Svetlana Wickstrom, Per decided that saving others’ lives was his purpose, and one of his key goals then became to open a rehabilitation treatment facility that could help put an end to the problems of drug abuse and addiction. Just as it was with his own recovery, the journey to success has been long and hard, but by taking one step at a time and keeping his attention on his goals, Per has made it and opened the door to expanding his purpose even wider to include preventing these problems from occurring in the first place through effective drug education efforts. Current and former clients of Best Drug Rehabilitation, as well as their family members and friends, will be the first to say that Per’s dedication to saving lives has improved their own, something for which they will be eternally grateful.