A Forever Recovery Donates to Gleaners Food Bank

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  1. Rachel July 22, 2015

    Per is a very well intentioned person.
    I just read his purpose under his blog and I saw that he really cares about others and helping them come off of whatever substance they have so that they can be happier in life. I totally support him and his efforts to assist others become better people and happier people.
    I do know that the centers he created are good. The program is excellent, of course you have to want to come off of the drug/substance in order to actually do it as no matter where you go, you will go through the same withdrawal effects and have to train yourself to invest your interests in other things.
    I highly recommend Forever Recovery. People are getting helped by the program on a regular basis.
    The employees care and some have gone through their own problems. They are trained and are there for you when you need them. They help you when you are experiencing pain and help you to focus on becoming healthy.
    The program is holistic and extroverting.

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