5 Signs a Person in Recovery Should Turn Down a Job Offer

When you are truly a professional in some field or area, just having a job does not necessarily mean you…

5 Signs a Person in Recovery Should Turn Down a Job Offer

When you are truly a professional in some field or area, just having a job does not necessarily mean you have a good job. Especially for people who are in recovery from addiction, a lot of importance subsequently resides on exactly what kind of job that person gets. At A Forever Recovery Michigan, one of the key focuses is to make sure that clients get a good job after graduating the program, not just any job. Also, a job that is very conducive to sobriety is a must.

Job Offer Signs

Here are five signs that you should turn down a job offer:

  • Discussions with your potential employer about pay are awkward and uncomfortable. Pay should not be something that your employer makes you feel unpleasant about. If there is too much arguing on this subject or if you feel you are not being duly compensated from the get-go, this might not be the right career path for you.
  • Your potential employer’s customers or clients leave bad reviews. This is a sure sign to seriously reconsider taking a job with this person. If your potential employer treats their own customers badly, they will probably treat you badly too. Check online reviews on sites like Yelp, Yellow Pages, Google, etc. to see for yourself.
  • Your interviewer gossips and natters about others in the organization during the interview. It is one thing for an interviewer to be open and honest about challenges a company is working on. It is an entirely different thing for an employer to simply create drama and talk poorly of other members of the team.
  • Your interview leaves you uncertain about the future with that company. Discussing growth and future development is an integral part of any interview. Make sure that this is a part of your interview process. If your interviewer does not even want to discuss growth possibilities within the organization, then that is a bad sign.
  • The interview is rife with incomplete, unclear, or just totally missing communication. You want to make sure that all the topics and bases of potential work at that organization are covered. If they are not, it’s time to move on.

The above signs are even more relevant for someone who is in recovery. People who are in recovery simply can’t afford to get a job at a stressful organization that is going to treat them poorly. It is just not an option for them. They can’t risk the relapse. Having all five above points fully handled and addressed is key to success for an individual in recovery who is looking to get a good job.

A Forever Recovery

One of the big focuses at A Forever Recovery is on making sure clients are fully prepared and ready to live healthy and fulfilling lives. The amount of effort that goes into beating addiction is matched by the amount of effort that goes into actually staying sober once one has beaten addiction. A Forever Recovery understands and recognizes that a big part of this has to do with an individual’s ability to garner successful employment. This ultimately ends up being very key, and that’s why A Forever Recovery helps their clients to find good jobs, not just any job.

At A Forever Recovery, the focus is to help clients apply the information from the above five tips when further helping their clients. With this information, clients can really get an idea of what they have to do to make a good career for themselves and to actually stay sober as well.

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