5 Most Difficult Life Skills to Acquire and Perfect

In the busy working class world across all arenas, people are always asking and wondering just what they can do to make their lives better, more ideal, less stressful, and more productive.  Does that really have to be an untrainable goal?  Does that really have to be an elusive, dream-like state?  Or can it be something more tangible, more real, more honestly attainable?  Honestly, it would seem like, though these goals are without a doubt a bit high, that they really are something that any of us and all of us can reach out and grab if we truly wish to.

It would seem that the ability to roll with the punches and the ability to catch all of those life curve balls would depend on to a greater or a lesser degree on one’s ability to obtain certain life skills.  Wouldn’t you say that those who are more skilled are more capable?  Wouldn’t you say that an ability to handle life is senior to upbringing or one’s present time life condition?  One would think that the learning and attainment of certain skills truly made all the difference in a person’s ability to work through life and to achieve true success in one’s chosen endeavors.

The Most Difficult, but the Most Important Life Skills One can Get

Listed here-in are the five most wanted skills, the five that are the hardest to get, yet the five that create the biggest differences in whether or not one is happy in the long run:

  1. Effective time management.  This is probably the one that people struggle the most with.  It’s hard.  It’s actually quite difficult.  How do you manage time effectively?  Time is literally the only limited commodity that we have.  There are only so many hours in the day, only so many days in the week, only so many weeks in a month, only so many months in a year.  The key to effective time management is strict, intensive, rigorous, and disciplined planning.  Plan, plan, plan.  That cannot be stressed enough.  From the moment one wakes up till the moment one goes to sleep, having a firm and a disciplined idea of what one will do with one’s day is the key to effective time management.
  2. Mastering a steady sleep schedule.  Rather than sacrificing sleep with the false idea that one will get more done (you actually don’t get more done if you are sleep deprived), rather focus on creating a reliable and obtainable sleep schedule that is consistent and workable.  Put these ideas to good use and roll with them.  Go to bed at a certain time every night and wake up at a certain time every morning.
  3. Be able to use people.  Don’t take this the wrong way.  Don’t manipulate people.  But be able to call on others for help.  Use people’s services, especially if they offer them.  Get rid of the notion that you have to do it all yourself.  You can’t be successful and do it all on your own too.
  4. Resist gossip.  Another hard thing to do, but totally necessary.  Gossip is a leech on time and productivity.  Don’t engage in gossip yourself and do not allow those around you to engage in it.  It is truly a waste of time, your most valuable commodity.
  5. Working in the present and thinking in the future.  Another tough one, and one that few people master.  Don’t worry about the past.  It’s in the past.  It’s done and over with.  Work in the present and dedicate yourself to the present, but also constantly be thinking into the future.  Plan your next moves and what you will be focusing on next.  Plan, plan, plan into the future, and work, work, work in the present.

These are probably the five hardest life skills to master.  There are others too.  Follow the above advice and really commit yourself to excellence in those five areas and you will be successful.


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