5 Marketing Strategies to Boost Black Friday Sales

When this time of year rolls around, business owners and entrepreneurs always become very focused on how to make as…

5 Marketing Strategies to Boost Black Friday Sales

When this time of year rolls around, business owners and entrepreneurs always become very focused on how to make as many sales as possible, especially considering the economic boost that November and December always bring us. If there was ever a time to really focus on marketing, now would be that time indeed. Marketing strategies for sales become a hot button item every year, this time of year, and business owners find themselves scrolling the web looking for sales and marketing techniques.

There are definitely ways to boost traffic across social media, the internet, physical mailings, in person leads, over the phone, and all towards your products and services. In this article, we will go over a few of the best ways to make sure in the morass of competition, you are getting your products and services out there for the public to see.

Strategies in Sales and Marketing

From what I can see, there are a lot of different ways to create effective strategies for sales in marketing. But what are the best of them all? I have narrowed it down to a top five that seem to do the most good for boosting traffic during the holidays.

  • Make your customers an offer they can’t refuse. We all know that we need to mark our prices down during Black Friday times. That goes without saying. But you need to actually surprise your customers with how low your prices are. Don’t give things away for free, but strive to beat your competitor’s lowest price. You will make it all back tenfold in brand recognition and return customers after Black Friday, possibly when people start thinking about Christmas shopping.
  • Get your email marketing schedules on point. Don’t forget that, historically, email marketing has the highest ROI. I’ve even heard that “email open” rates increase by more than fifty percent during this time period just because people are looking for different brands and they are looking for good deals. Use this time to really hammer your email marketing home and reach as many people as possible.
  • Do a video sales pitch and post on social media, then boost it. You will catch more eyes with video than any other form of media. Record a video and share it across all possible platforms. A bonus to this is you can then use it in advertising later. Get your pitch down right, and work at this several times over if need be until it is perfected.
  • Capitalize on flash sales. This is a new way to market and it is becoming a real hit. Boost advertising for a flash sale with a time limit on it to incentivize customers to buy and not just think about it. Get the word out to a lot of people that you are having a flash sale and watch the transactions flow in!
  • Give added incentives. We’ve all heard the, “Ten percent off and free shipping.” Try to combine incentives. It doesn’t have to be the above example used, but two is always better than one, and it will increase your ROI dramatically. Try to make yours unique and try to get it to stand out and catch the eye.

These are easily the top five strategies in sales and marketing for the Black Friday season. I’m not saying one should do these strategies year round, unless they are appropriate. Be sure to check back on my blog next week for more tips and ideas on how to expand your business during the best time of the year for the economy!

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