5 Holiday Season Mistakes Small Businesses Must Avoid

The holidays are always a tricky time for business owners. Business owners and professionals tend to be tempted to recreate…

5 Holiday Season Mistakes Small Businesses Must Avoid

The holidays are always a tricky time for business owners. Business owners and professionals tend to be tempted to recreate and be a lot less productive than what they are used to, as it is the holidays after all right? While one should certainly not completely discount the holidays and work right through them, there is certainly a correct and comfortable balance here for what is right and proper about the holidays as far as work goes. On the other end of the spectrum, one can’t discount what kind of time should be spent resting and enjoying time with family and in what quantities too. You don’t want to be a workaholic during the holidays, but you don’t want to completely let your production statistics crash either.

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When running a small business, any small business owner knows that a great deal of responsibility rests on their shoulders to do a good job and to excel in this category. Every business owner knows that they need to be mindful of the holidays and how that will affect their business. The holidays can either be a really great time for business, or it can be a really bad time for business too, it just depends on how the business owner approaches this season.

In my experience and research, I have essentially nailed it down to there being five, key areas of production that I feel tend to make the most difference in a business’s success and longevity. These are:

  1. Failing to be properly prepared from a workforce perceptive. Things are going to get busy during the holidays, and if you don’t have the workforce necessary to address that increase, you will become overwhelmed with the workload, you won’t be able to deliver on the level necessary, and your statistics will actually go down as a result.
  2. Not increasing the ad budget. Things get very competitive during the holidays, with businesses anticipating a potential increase in customer revenue and overall sales. If you fail to also flow a little extra resources to your marketing and advertising, you will get pummeled and outmatched by the competition, and then the extra workers you hired to avoid the above mistake will have been a waste.
  3. Ignoring the value of holiday-themed social media. The holiday theme is what you want to go for during the holidays of course, plus it gives you a great excuse to throw a little flair and a little bit of a different look into whatever current website or social media set up you have going right now. Plus it will be much more appealing to potential customers who are looking for a holiday-themed landing page to begin with.
  4. Failing to utilize the post-holiday hype to your advantage. Sales should increase for you during the holidays, so be sure to capitalize on these sales right after the holidays by asking customers for reviews, to sign up for newsletters and special deals, and to do all of this so as to attempt to create more customers in the future too.
  5. Not starting your sales soon enough. I know, I know, you probably don’t want to be, “that guy” who starts a holiday sale long before everyone else does. But really, this is actually the smart thing to do. People have more money to spend and a more likely to shop locally before Christmas draws nearer, so keep this in mind when deciding when to start your sale.

Apply the above points and enjoy the expansion during the holiday season! Best of luck to you and don’t forget to work hard, but not too hard.

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