4 Ways to Boost Company Morale During the Holidays

When the holidays get a little bah-humbug and not so “merry and bright,” due to demands on schedule, financial stress, long hours and numerous other factors, it may be time to tackle company morale head on.  Fortunately, there are lots of small and simple things you can do to boost company morale during the holidays. 

Here are four ideas to get you started.

Get Creative with Games

There are so many ways to beat winter blues in the workplace and create a strong sense of community with some fun and games.  Stage an indoor snowball fight with fake snowballs.  Decorate a cubicle or automobile windshields with festive gel clings.  Have a white elephant party (complete with a recurring gag gift that surfaces each year).  Start a “plate it forward” anonymous plate of cookies that surface as a surprise (with a note for the recipient to pass it anonymously to the next hapless soul).

Fun is contagious!

Making playfulness part of the workplace can build community and keep some much needed levity during a hard-working season.

Offer Incentives

If you find your team needing to work extra hard, you can ease that pressure with some fun incentives and rewards.  Consider:

  • Catering lunch or dinner (or both!) when working long hours.
  • Handing out gift cards to a favorite retailer for top performance on tasks or targets–or just spontaneously!
  • Increasing bonuses based on sales or performance during a set period of time.

With these and any other incentives you can think of, you’ll soon see how to create a sense of community in the workplace.  Why is a sense of community important? A team that’s working together as a community will find tasks get done more efficiently, absences are lower and the business thrives.

Get Flexible on the Schedule

Most employees value work/life balance, even if they are also willing to burn the midnight oil when it comes to crunch time.  During the holiday season, even if there are tough deadlines to make and major projects to complete, consider also figuring out a way to allow some flexible scheduling.   

Allowing a late morning or early afternoon during the week for shopping or personal time, scheduling a day off after the completion of a major project (or just before a big crunch time), allowing employees to work from home, or other flexible schedule solutions can make it easier for your team to find that balance they likely seek.

Serve Together

Another great bonding experience, and opportunity to expand beyond self-interest during the craze of the holiday season, can be a team-building community service day.  Ending off a few hours early to go serve a meal at a shelter, volunteering in the community garden, or participating in a roadside clean up as a team can be done at any time of the year, but the holiday season is a particularly wonderful time to serve together. Your workplace can also sponsor a family in need during the holiday season, participate in Toys for Tots or a local toy drive, or otherwise take the opportunity to make the holidays better for someone within the community.  Include families of employees in the service opportunity, if you wish.

A group that serves together stays together–and it will boost morale to be a service.

Anything Goes

When it comes to boosting company morale, it’s a great idea to enlist the ideas of others–survey your team and find out what they would like to see happen to make the holiday season the most joyous time of year.  You’ll see business soar well into the new year.

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