Every day, millions of Americans struggle with substance abuse. Not only does this disease negatively impact the addicts’ lives, it also affects their loved ones, their community, and society as a whole. Despite this fact, there are limited resources for those who suffer from addiction. Unfortunately, communities often fail to put enough focus on prevention. Thus, individuals who are stuck in the cycle of substance abuse are left with unnecessary shame and stigma.

Per Wickstrom

As a recovering addict himself, Per Wickstrom is seeking to change the way we care for those who are fighting substance abuse. He has created a unique, holistic treatment program, which has helped countless addicts successfully graduate from his rehabilitation centers. In an effort to provide the best care possible, Per Wickstrom’s treatment facilities offer personalized programs that are designed to help addicts take control of their lives. By healing the mind, body, and spirit, many addicts have gone on to live happy, healthy, successful, and drug-free lives after graduation.

Through his programs and outreach within the community, Per Wickstrom has spread the word about the importance of prevention and treatment of substance abuse. Along with his community partners, he is successfully changing the way we view, prevent, and treat addiction. Each individual’s journey is different, and no addict should face feelings of shame or hopelessness. The unique programs offered by Per Wickstrom and his team of experts ensures that addicts can find the road to recovery and achieve long-term success.

About Per Wickstrom

At a young age, Per Wickstrom found himself without the proper coping skills to deal with the stressors of life. As such, he turned to alcohol to soothe his painful feelings and insecurities. Eventually, this alcohol use opened the door to drug abuse. Whether he experienced a problem loved ones, money, or relationships, Per’s struggle with substance abuse continued for over twenty years.

Despite attempts at recovery in several treatment facilities, Per Wickstrom could not achieve long-term success. Eventually, drugs controlled every aspect of his life; he no longer enjoyed things he once loved and his relationships with friends and family were failing. To Per, this was rock bottom, and he made the choice to fight for his sobriety.

Luckily, Per found Narconon, a treatment program that helped him understand the root causes of his addictive behaviors. Additionally, he learned to properly cope with his problems, instead of running away from them. Upon graduation, Per had not only overcome his physical addiction to drugs, he had also gained the life skills he needed to successfully reintegrate into society.

At this time, Per Wickstrom decided to dedicate his life to helping others who struggle with substance abuse and addiction. Instead of going back to selling cars, he used his professional skills, along with his passion for addiction recovery, to create his own treatment curriculum. Through his life experiences, Per learned that overcoming substance abuse is a challenge, so he focused his efforts on helping others find the drug-free life they desire.

His unique program concentrations on empowerment of addicts. By learning to take control of their lives and take responsibility for their actions, Per believes that addicts can achieve long-term recovery. His holistic approach helps to treat the whole person, so addicts can overcome the physical dependence on drugs, as well as the mental and spiritual challenges they may face. Because each person’s journey is different, Per’s approach is fully customizable and includes unique options such as art and music therapy. Through his hard work and dedication, Per Wickstrom and his team are now operating several successful treatment facilities, and have seen countless graduates move on to live meaningful lives.

Per Wickstrom Life Timeline

June 1978: Despite facing substance abuse issues and being kicked out of his home, Per graduates from high school.

Summer/Fall 1978 to 1981: Per starts his first business and travels around the country selling oil paintings. He then begins work for a roofing company, and even begins his own roofing business.

1982: Per begins working for the family business, Wickstrom Chevrolet Cadillac in Pennsylvania. Here, he learned every aspect of running a successful dealership.

1984-1993: Per acquires more education on every facet of cars, from mechanical features to selling points. During this time, he also worked at GM as an ironworker. Per later became the number one sales person in the Chevrolet Motor Division and at every subsequent dealership he worked at throughout the country.

2001: Per settles in Michigan and becomes Finance Manager for Art Moehn Chevy. At this time, he also purchased a building to become his first substance abuse treatment facility.

2003: After much research and hard work, Per Wickstrom A Forever Recovery opens its doors to addicts seeking treatment.

2012: Per opens two more rehabilitation facilities: Best Drug Rehabilitation in Michigan and Choices Recovery in Indiana. Since then, Per has opened two more successful treatment facilities: Behavioral Rehabilitation Services and Serenity Rehabilitation. He also founded a non-profit called Live To Be Sober.

Mr. Wickstrom In The News

Due to his standing in the community and his numerous outreach efforts, Per Wickstrom is often interviewed by media outlets, looking for his opinion on anything from substance abuse to entrepreneurship. In the following article, Per discusses the negative impact that Big Pharma has on society.

Per Wickstrom on the War Between Pharma Stock and Holistic Solutions

In this next article, Per discusses his role in his treatment facilities. Instead of acting like a traditional boss, Per prefers to see himself as an employee in order to grow his brand, delegate effectively, and separate his personal self from his business.

Per Wickstrom Says Business Owners Should Be Employees Rather Than Bosses

Causes He Supports

To create a society that is focused on prevention and treatment of substance abuse and promotion of healthy living, Per Wickstrom frequently collaborates with community partners.

Per has worked with everyone from entertainers to acclaimed business leaders to promote his message. Among these individuals are jewelry designer, Karen Erickson of Erickson Beamon, former Detroit Lion Cory Schlesinger, well-known entertainer Kendall Schmidt, sportscaster Dan Miller, Michigan Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville, and singer/songwriter Jared Blake. Along with these individuals, Per had helped educate children, families, and community members on the importance of living a healthful life.

Per has also worked with several organizations to increase prevention efforts. These include New York Fashion Week Live, Candifiend, Cygalle Healing Spa, Mack Alive, Monroe County Substance Abuse Coalition, FiveCap, Amer-I-Can, Pacha’s Pajamas, Imagination Heals, and Elk Rapids Baseball. With these organizations, Per has been able to spread the word about the dangers of substance abuse and unhealthy lifestyle choices. He has also been able to promote the positive aspects of holistic treatments.

Per Wickstrom has also had the opportunity to discuss the issues facing todays’ youth and the importance of substance abuse education by participating in several local events including the Salute to Detroit Hometown Heroes, the National Cherry Festival, and the Celebrate Recovery Walk.

Favorite Quotes

Per Wickstrom is inspired by many quotes, including:

“Inner peace begins the moment you choose not to allow another person or event to control your emotions.” – Pema Chodron

“Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits.”

“Don’t look back in regret, but move on with hope.”

“Be the light that helps others see.”

“When you feel like quitting, think about why you started.”

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